Poised for Success

I met her as an artist manager but I soon realized there was more to her. In time, I found out about her speaking skills as well. Cinnamon possesses a level of professionalism that is rare. She can go toe-to-toe with those who speak professionally. Look out, Ted Talks! Poised for success, Cinnamon has experienced ups and downs and can wonderfully articulate what she has been through. A genuine counselor, life coach, financial planner, and motivator, Cinnamon is a force to be reckoned with and is so approachable. She will make you feel her presence, as well as realize that you are bigger than life all at the same time.

Business-minded? Yes. Caring? Absolutely. Character? Impeccable. Heart? Genuine. Goal-oriented? Hands-down. Quitter? Never! Ambitious? Of course! Go-getter? What do you think

J. Singletary