My Brother, My Guard

I read an article about brother-sister bonds: “12 Reasons Why Your Brother is the Most Important Man in Your Life”. I believe my brother and I have been stalked by the author LOL! She watched us for 30+ years (although she’s younger than we are) and then wrote this summary of our relationship. She didn’t really, but she did.

1. “He always knows when someone’s not good enough for you.”

OMG, soooo true! With my brother, there are degrees to this. Mostly, he doesn’t say anything at all. He can be seemingly indifferent. But, once I ask him his opinion, if he doesn’t like who I’m dating he will vocalize it! If the guy is just a horrible choice and he thinks I’m making a huge mistake, he won’t even wait for me to ask his thoughts. And then, of course, there’s his body language around the guy. Very telling!

2. “He loves you unconditionally, even knowing all your faults.”

The description here talks about being Daddy’s Little Girl … I’m probably the poster-girl for that! However, as much as I spoil my father just as much as she spoils me, there are some things that I turn to my brother for that Daddy just doesn’t know about. Ohhh, we have several of those moments! The time he caught me when… Well, we’ll keep that between us.

3. “He will always defend you.”

Even when I’m wrong. Even when I think he won’t. Even if it’s against our parents. He always defends me. BUT, he is sure to tell me how wrong I am!

4. “He makes you look good in front of your parents.”

Ain’t this the truth! There were times my parents were so busy trying to get him to “act right” that they didn’t even notice that I was “acting wrong.” The reaction of me being kicked out (or “academically dismissed”) from college might’ve been far worse than it was if my brother wasn’t getting in trouble at home. Umm, thanks bro?

5. “He’s the only other person who speaks your language.” and 6. “He makes you laugh.”

Half of the time, we’re laughing until our stomachs hurt about something we saw on YouTube, quoting lines from a TV show/movie, or spontaneously singing lyrics from show-tunes/musicals/songs. The other half of the time, we’re doubling over with laughter at our parents’ faces while they try with all of their might to figure out what on Earth we’re cackling about. It’s absolutely hilarious!

7. “He keeps your secrets.”

There’s that time he saved me from Pizza Hut. It’s a story only the two of us share LOL! There are many more, but that one is probably one of the funniest.

8. “He values your advice.”

Well, maybe not on everything. But he does call me when he meets a girl that does or says something kinda, well, girly. He usually calls me to interpret her words or actions. Which goes back to #5, since we speak the same language.

9. “You can pick up anytime, even if you haven’t talked in weeks.”

He’s not really much of a phone person. He’s not going to call every day, and maybe not even every week. You won’t even see him on social media or email very much. But, when we do talk, it could be for 2 minutes or for 2 hours, and it’s like we never hung up form the last conversation.

10. “He’s your biggest supporter.”

Yeah. He only wants good things for me. I can truly say that. To think, the little boy that placed a toy police car near my head while I slept, then remote-activated the sirens from the hallway so I’d jump straight through the roof, grew up to only want good things for me. How about that?!

11. “He keeps you humble.”

So true! No matter how many degrees I get, how far my businesses go, how many professional organizations I’m a member of, how many certificates I receive, etc., this is where I go to stay in touch with myself. He’s who I call. He grounds me.

12. “He goes out of his way for you.”

I grew up seeing my father as my knight in shining armor. Well, that would make my brother a straight-up soldier. On several occasions, he has come to my rescue when others didn’t even know he was there. He was swooped in and, by the time anyone knew anything, I was saved. He’s guided me home on drunken nights. He moved me out of a boyfriend’s house when it turned sour. Once, I thought I was going to have to call Daddy for bail money for my brother, all because of some jerk that was trying to make my life unnecessarily difficult.

There haven’t been many lengths that my brother wouldn’t go to for me. And I can’t see any length I wouldn’t go to for him. I love him unconditionally. To think, I tried to sell him to that nice lady in the grocery store when he was only a few months old. I’m glad she didn’t buy him. I don’t know what I’d do without him.