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Building Your Resilience

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Resilience Rising collection

In Curve Appeal: Rediscovering Our Softer Side, we examine three aspects to our femininity and what may have thrown us off-balance. At times, we have to be assertive; however, if we are not careful, some of our experiences may drive us to behave aggressively. If you need to rediscovering your softer side, then this is the e-course bundle for you!


Live Your Star Life

The Jamila Wellness LLC “Live Your Star Life Wellness Course” focuses on building your life in Naturally Cinnamon's 5 Wellness Stars: Spiritual Wellness, Mental Wellness, Physical Wellness, Emotional Wellness, and Financial Wellness. In this Master Class, you can have access to 20 lessons from 18 fabulous speakers! This product gives you the entire Master Class in one place!