About Naturally Cinnamon

Cinnamon J. Key, LCSW, CPLC

Mental Health Clinician, Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Panelist, Workshop Facilitator

Founder/CEO of Jamila Wellness LLC

Founder/CEO of Key 4 Enterprises LLC

Founder/CEO of Key 4 Greatness Foundation Inc.


Cinnamon Key is a Florida native, born in Hollywood, Florida in 1979. Growing up, she enjoyed the pleasure of a stable childhood of the American dream style: 2 college educated parents with good careers, middle class neighborhood, 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home. She was a girl scout and even took piano lessons. She participated in church youth activities and was accepted into the gifted and magnet programs. She always wore a smile. Accepted to college, Cinnamon was on her way to the wonderful life of a well bred young lady. But there were cracks in the picture.


After being academically dismissed from the University of South Florida for failure to maintain the required GPA, she went back home and registered in the local community college while holding a job.  Upon receiving her Associates degree, she chose to continue working, but she was never comfortable continuously moving from job to job (some with pre-management positions). Cinnamon finally determined that she needed to better professionally position herself for the future that lay ahead. Boldly, she moved back in with her parents, quit her full-time job (with benefits!), got a part-time job, and enrolled in a four year university to complete a degree in social work. Then came 2007; the year that changed her life.


The cracks in the façade became crevices. Over the next 12 month period, Cinnamon faced an overload of emotional, mental, social, physical, and spiritual dilemmas that drove her to the point of attempting to end her life…twice. Something spectacular happened the second time; she thought about it and reached out for help. Help was there in the form of a wise, wonderful woman. This woman was a beacon of light in Cinnamon's storm. Under her watchful eye and guidance, Cinnamon was able to begin to look at the circumstances of her life for the better and complete her MSW degree in December of that year.


Those experiences helped shape the budding, compassionate woman that actually existed deep inside. With those realizations taking shape, Cinnamon decided, in the early months of 2008, to dedicate herself to serving others and helping them find their light. She, too, desired to be the match that lit the candle of competence and confidence in the life of others. She began working with teenagers that were aging out of the foster care system and transitioning into the world. This work brought her into contact with children who were familiar with deep, unresolved pains and were quickly being ushered into an adult world they were not yet equipped to maneuver. Cinnamon realized that there was work for her to do and all that she had experienced in life was part of her preparation for it. She moved from foster care work to the Miami-Dade County Public School system where she has been a School Social Worker since 2009, working with children, families, administrators, and community leaders to help children succeed in making high-quality academic and life decisions.


Because the needs are great, Cinnamon volunteers in various capacities including counseling teens showing signs of depression. Greater still is her compassion and concern for children. In 2012, her exceptional involvement with children in need has inspired her with the vision to create Jamila Ladies™, a program designed to develop positive self esteem and maturity in young ladies. Born out of her incredible engagement with teenage girls, Jamila Ladies™ is destined to help girls foster the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the many roads they will encounter in life. From this program, a series of adapted programs have been highly demanded. Thus, Jamila Wellness LLC was born in February 2014.

Almost immediately upon starting Jamila Wellness LLC, Cinnamon became highly sought-after to consult with others to help them start their own businesses. Between consultations, networking, advice, and partnerships, Cinnamon found herself as the CEO of Key 4 Enterprises LLC in January 2016. Key 4 Enterprises assists current and potential small business owners tackle projects and events behind the scenes.